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Why Fairytale?
We grow up with a story that started with once upon time…Who would not imagine a wedding that is magnificent and memorable?
We do believe in Fairytale love story…and we would love to create a stress free ever after celebration with you.

Lets create an Inspirational Work of Art with us

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For more than a decade, Fairytale Organizer provides you with a truly exceptional wedding and events planning service.

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Our team work extra miles to create a beautiful party and wedding for our stylish clients.

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Your first step in the journey to amazing starts here...

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Planning a Weeding with Us

You have just got engaged... And now you have to organize what will be the most beautiful day of your life.

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Have a Great Sweet Seventeen Party

Girls, it's the year that you will turn 17... It's the high-light of your teenage years and it defines who you are in the next level of your life.

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